Ljubovija will be the center of the biggest event in the region on July 9. The Drina regatta, which broke all records last year, will gather dozens of them thousands of participants on the water, as well as visitors to concerts.
On Friday, July 8, at the FC "Drina" stadium, the concert will be held by Lepa Brena, starting at 9 p.m. After the descent down the Drina on Saturday, July 9, from Rogačica to Ljubovija, a 40-kilometer voyage, military beans in Gornja Trešnjica and a phenomenal conduit on the water, The party continues this time at the stadium, and the concerts will be held by Toni Cetinski and Dejan Petrović - Big Band. The start is scheduled for 9 p.m.
As part of the "Days of the Drina Regatta" program, rich content has been prepared this year. The program begins with a series of sports competitions organized by the Sports Federation of the municipality Love in football, volleyball, chess, table tennis and basketball. The competitions start on June 27, and end with a mountaineering campaign organized by the Mountaineering club "Tornička Bobija" on July 10.
In addition to sports, a cultural program is also planned. In the cinema hall of the "Milovan Glišić" Library in Ljubovija on Wednesday, July 6, with at the beginning of 8 pm, the theater play "What remains after the ecstasy" of the Ljubovija Drama Theater will be performed.
A day later, on July 7, the feature film "Milojev dar", film and TV production "MS-FILM" from Ljubovija, will be premiered. The premiere of the film is scheduled in the hall cinema at 7 p.m., and the second screening date at 8:30 p.m. The film is based on a true event from the period of the Second Balkan War and the heros feat Miloja Nikolic. The director is the multi-award-winning director Dr. Branka Bešević Gajić, and the screenplay is by playwright and screenwriter Vladimir Đorđević.
The tourist organization of the municipality of Ljubovija tried to enrich the program for the youngest visitors. That is how it will be on July 8 and 9 "UV dance" animators will parade through the streets of Ljubovije, entertaining the little ones with clowns, dancing and animation.
The last preparations are underway and Ljubovija is ready to welcome guests from all over the country, the region and other parts of the world. Accommodation capacities have been filled for a long time and a free bed can be found in some more distant cottages and households engaged in rural tourism.
Interest in the 21st International Drina Regatta in Ljubovija is greater than ever, and this most famous event is not the only thing that Azbukovica, as it is otherwise called this end, can offer. And as they say in Ljubovija, whoever visits her once - always comes back to her. The Drina regatta is the first step towards a wider discovery of all the beauties of the Drina, Bobija and the area of ​​this part of Serbia.


Program of sports competitions - Drina Regatta Days 2022

See the schedule and propositions of the tournament in indoor soccer, table tennis, volleyball, basketball, basketball and chess, which will be to be held on the occasion of the "Day of the Drina Regatta" organized by the Sports Association of the Municipality of Ljubovija.

Program of sports competitions

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